One of the easiest and most instant ways to win at Oceans Casino is the ever popular Scratch & Win card. We offer many different scratch cards with unique payouts. The object is to get a winning combination of symbols by scratching the card. You can stake a bet from $0.05 to $5.00 for each game card.

How To Play

Select a card style from the card preview area. Clicking the "?" button will result in a card being randomly selected. Next, select your stake by using the "+" or "-" buttons, then choose how many cards you want to scratch and click "PLAY". You can use your mouse pointer to scratch the card and bonus area or remove the scratch areas instantly by clicking "SCRATCH ALL".

If you play two or more cards you can use the "AUTO PLAY" feature, which will instantly scratch the card, highlight the winning symbols and combinations, credit your account immediately and repeat the process until all cards have been scratched.

Wins are indicated on the pay table and in the "PAID" window. Winning totals vary depending on the stake you made for the scratch card, and on the symbols matched.


Game Buttons

STAKE - + Decrease or increase the value of each scratch card
# OF CARDS - + Decrease or increase the number of scratch cards you wish to play
SCRATCH ALL Will automatically scratch the game card
AUTO PLAY When playing more than one card, will automatically scratch all cards
PLAY Click to begin manually scratching the game card
? Randomly select a scratch card
PAGES Displays the different scratch cards available