It's a simple idea: when you know more you play better, you win more often and you have more fun - ultimately, gaming is about being the best player possible and the excitement of winning. We here at Oceans Casino know that winning players are good and loyal players and we want to earn your loyalty.

That's why we've teamed up with Shack & Roche and the Freshplay Network - to provide you with the best game knowledge available to improve your expertise and enjoyment of the gaming experience. We can't guarantee that you'll always win, but as they say, "knowledge is power," and these resources will give you the power to become the consistently winning expert player you've always wanted to be.


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Just who are Shack & Roche? Ron Shack is a bit of a gruff, world-wise casino pit boss who's seen every trick, ploy and method employed by both winners and losers. Jack Roche is a bold professional gambler who's successfully competed internationally since his late teens. With 50 years of hard-earned casino & gambling experience between them, and their close relationships with other insiders and pro's, they write the most accurate and expert strategic material available to players. Their blog is a wealth of gaming knowledge, opinion, argument and insight. Go to the Shack & Roche blog.


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What is a secret? Webster's defines it as "a method or formula used in an art and divulged only to those of one's own craft." How often have you felt like an outsider, knowing full well that there is a small group of insiders who know something they're not sharing with you that could be critical to your success? Then this is your chance. Secret Gambling Formulas will grant you access to the insider knowledge so many of the pro gamblers know but won't tell. Go to Secret Gambling Formulas.


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How often have emotions crept into your game and changed your fortunes? You may be familiar with the situation: you're way up and you start making reckless big bets; or worse, you're down and chase your losses in an effort to "catch up." Both scenarios could result in the loss of your bankroll. Winning Betting Systems is the calming force to high emotions. It's an e-book written by Shack & Roche, covering the most popular casino games in the world. This guide will give you all the info you need to play like a pro, gain maximum control over your game and win. Go to Winning Betting Systems.